Past events

Events at the Villa Seligmann

2021 – 2024


Here you will find an overview of all past events and projects at Villa Seligmann from 2021. Click on the event title to find out everything about the respective event. You can also click through a picture gallery for selected events. Have fun browsing!

January 12
Film screening Johanna Seligmann-Coppel: A life for the family

January 26
Memorial concert Melodies of life

February 01
Exhibition opening Helping means living

February 26

Concert and salon talk from Yiddish folk poetry

March 08

Purim in the Villa Seligmann

March 09

Finissage and salon talk Helping means living

March 21 Guided tour of the house: 170 years of Siegmund Seligmann

April 02
Concert and salon talk The Judas kiss is my obsession

April 20 Celebration of the return of the “Three Senses”

April 27

Concert and salon talk Sound images of Israel

May 05
Musical-theatrical production Words and notes in the light

June 01

Concert From Vienna to Hollywood

June 04

Israel Day 2023

June 06

Salongespräch Sa/eitenwechsel I: What does it mean to migrate?

June 08-11 Festival

June 17

Night of the Museums Hanover 2023

July 06

Concert and reading Szpilman in Memoriam

August 20

Summer party

August 20

Concert From swing to tango

August 31

Concert Masha Ray in Concert

September 14

Song recital ÜberLeben

September 20
Get to know Sukkotwriting workshop

September 28

Salon discussion Sa/eitenwechsel II: How does reconciliation work?

October 05

Sukkot in the Villa Seligmann

October 12
The Hannah Arendt Days at the Villa Seligmann

October 17

House tour Searching for traces: Villa Seligmann as a house and project

October 31

Panel discussion What needs to be said: Places make people

October 31

Peace concert for Israel

November 02

Concert Jewish composers in exile

November 07

Concert An evening with Israel Alter

November 09

Memorial concert The synagogue organ then and now

November 23

Lecture Buenos Aires Shalom

December 07

Hanukkah in the Villa Seligmann

December 12

Guided tour of the house Searching for clues to the restoration of the villa

January 20

Concert Judeo alla Turca

January 26

Concert Like wafts of mist in the wind

February 10
CD presentation Heritage

February 24

Concert The Three Cantors

March 10

Musical reading The poet Rose Ausländer

March 20

Concert Matinee of the Friends

March 24
Concert Kafka Fragments

April 21
Scenic song recital The Calling of Moses

April 26

House tour Searching for traces: A family residence in the focus of time

May 05
Concert Prizewinners’ Concert JüMiD

May 08

Exhibition opening “Liberated! and then?”

May 15

Israel Day 2022

May 26
Lecture and recital Wagner and Meyerbeer

June 18
Night of the Museums Hanover 2022

June 23

Reception on the occasion of the 10th anniversary

June 28
Guided tour: Tracing Liebermann and Seligmann

September 05

Musical reading Crying is forbidden here

September 06-09
Conference Annual Meeting AG Jewish Collections

September 08
Concert Musical contemporary documents

September 15

Film screening Johanna Seligmann-Coppel: A life for the family

October 09

Concert Autumn Leaves

October 10

Reading How neighbors became Jews

October 13
Salon talk The Hannah Arendt Days 2022 as guests at the Villa Seligmann

October 27
Musical lecture by Alfred Rose: creator of synagogue songs in Hanover

November 09

Memorial concert The work of the angels

November 15

House tour Searching for traces: 10 years of restoration

November 24

Concert Schire Simroh: Homage to Arno Nadel

December 08
Concert Sacred music of German Jewry through the ages

December 15

Lecture and concert Fates of Jewish collectors and artists

December 22

Hanukkah at Villa Seligmann

January 14
Concert and salon talk I have built a house within me

May 16

Concert Between assimilation and coexistence

May 20

Concert Jewish soundscapes of the 20th century

June 03 Concert And every beginning has its own magic…

June 12
– Night of the Museums Hanover 2021

June 15

Guided tour of the house Searching for clues: Privy Councillor Seligmann

June 17

Concert The Golden Psalter

June 27
Concert Omer Klein Trio

June 29

Guided tour of the house in search of clues: Privy Councillor Seligmann

July 04
Concert Corona Aurea

September 02

Concert Liturgical music from around the world

September 05
– Israel Day 2021

September 09

House tour: 160 years of Johanna Seligmann

September 12

Concert The Four Stages of Reconciliation

October 13

Lecture The Hannah Arendt Days 2021 as guests at Villa Seligmann

October 14

Salon discussion The Hannah Arendt Days 2021 as guests at Villa Seligmann

October 17

Concert In step with the times: 200 years of Lewandowksi

November 02
House tour Searching for traces: The restoration of Villa Seligmann

November 04
Song recital Don’t cry that I’m leaving now

November 08

Memorial concert Ostracized – Persecuted – Murdered

November 18

Lecture Stolperscheiben: The forgotten entertainment musicians of the 1920s and 1930s

December 02

Concert Light and Consecration

December 08

Musical reading Thinking without railings

December 16
Concert Turning point: Berlin in the Fin de Siècle

December 30

Concert Pictures from another exhibition