Jewish pop music today

Musical salon talk

With Mascha Raykhman, Noam Bar and Ben Salomo


What is Jewish pop music in Germany today? What are the hot topics? What is Jewish about it? What is it like to be a Jewish musician in Germany today? We cordially invite you to a salon talk with three of today’s leading Jewish songwriters and performers. “Jewish Pop Music Today” presents Noam Bar, Mascha Raykhman and Ben Salomo in their own words and songs.

The discussion will be moderated by Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck (Managing Director of Villa Seligmann).

Admission is free. Registration via the Friedrich Naumann Foundation website is required. If the security situation requires it, there may be security and bag checks at the entrance.

The event is part of the exhibition “Deine Anne. A girl writes history”, which will take place at Villa Seligmann from 07.02. will be shown until 07.03.2024. The exhibition is primarily aimed at school classes. The classes are guided through the exhibition by specially trained pupils – so-called exhibition guides – and encouraged to engage intensively with Anne Frank’s personal history, the history of National Socialism, the Holocaust and the Second World War. Free viewing of the exhibition is possible from 6 pm.


Please note that we will be taking photos and videos during this event. The image material will be published on our website and/or social media channels and used for press work. By participating, visitors to this event agree to this.