Frequently asked questions

Arrival and visit

What is the best way to get to Villa Seligmann?

The number of parking spaces along the Eilenriede is limited. The Villa Seligmann is easily accessible by public transport. You can find a link to bus and train here.

Is Villa Seligmann accessible without barriers?

Unfortunately no. Barrier-free access is possible at our garden events; only the washrooms require four steps to be climbed. For indoor events, we are happy to assist as much as we can. The exhibition rooms on the upper floor are accessible only by stairs.

When can I visit the Villa Seligmann?

Villa Seligmann is open only for events. You can find out about these dates via our calendar of events. Admission is usually half an hour before the start of the event. During this time you are also welcome to visit the house. For private groups we also offer guided tours outside of events. Please contact us directly at 0511-844887-200.


How can I get information about the events?

You can find all the latest information about our events in our events calendar on our website. A printed program is no longer published for sustainability reasons.

How can I book events at Villa Seligmann?

You can conveniently book events directly via our webshop. You can also book several events at once via the shopping cart. If you have any questions about the booking process, you can also contact us by phone at 0511-844887-200.

How can I pay?

You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Once the amount is received, you will receive your electronic ticket with your QR code.

Who is eligible for the reduced ticket price?

Discounts apply to students, holders of the HannoverAktivPass and those with a “severely disabled”-pass. Please have your proof ready.

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You can print out your ticket at home or show your QR code on your mobile device at the entrance, completely paperless.

Is there still the possibility not to book via the WebShop?

Of course, we will continue to offer you this special service. In this case, your paper ticket will be back in your name at the box office.

Ordering media and vouchers

How can I order a book/CD?

You place the desired item in the shopping cart. The standard rate for shipping is 3.90 euros. Shipping is handled by our office. We will try to arrange shipment as soon as possible. Please note that shipments may take a few days.

Membership and promotion

How can I support the Villa Seligmann?

You can support the work of the Villa Seligmann with a donation. The events are financially supported by the Siegmund Seligmann Gesellschaft e.V.. Membership is possible for both private individuals and legal entities. The Friends of Villa Seligmann e.V. actively support events. Feel free to contact us at