A place of living Jewish culture


At the intersection of history and the present, the sacred and the secular, Villa Seligmann bears historical witness to German-Jewish community and friendship. It tells stories of longing and nostalgia and recalls times gone by. As a place of meeting, free thoughts and open hearts, the Villa is also a vehicle for shaping the future together.

Through moderated concerts, musical readings, house tours, lectures, workshops and exhibitions, the rich Jewish cultural heritage is drawn upon to the fullest. In doing so, Villa Seligmann spans a broad geographical and thematic arc around the complexity of Jewish life.

For the transmission of common values to the next generation in the European context of the 21st century, the Villa Seligmann is dedicated to dialogue with young people. In cooperation with other cultural organizations, we search for answers to the challenges of our time. The Villa Seligmann is committed to using the language of music to overcome distances, bring people together and build bridges.

Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck
Executive Director