Hannah Arendt Days 2022

Breaking the rules – polarization – centrality: radical conservatism

Salon talk

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Natascha Strobl
Sebastian Friedrich

Greetings: Thomas Hermann, Mayor of the City of Hanover
Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck, Director of Villa Seligmann

The event will be streamed live here and on the Villa Seligmann YouTube channel.

There is much talk of a crisis in the social democratic parties. However, a number of traditional center-right parties also seem to find themselves in a dilemma, to say the least: Should they open up to progressive urban milieus? Or sharpen their conservative profile? While Angela Merkel stood for one model, Donald Trump and Sebastian Kurz, as representatives of radicalized conservatism, represented the other. In their own parties, they reduced democracy, relying on small advisory circles and personalization. Is radicalized conservatism paving the way for autocracies?
Source: Suhrkamp Verlag


Natascha Strobl is a political scientist and journalist. Born in Vienna, she writes for newspapers including Der Standard, Zeit online and taz. She publishes assessments of right-wing language and strategies on Twitter under #NatsAnalyse. She received the recognition prize of the Bruno Kreisky Prize for the Political Book 2021.

Sebastian Friedrich is a journalist, author and curator from Hamburg. Among other things, it deals with the New Right and the development of capitalism. Friedrich works regularly for the ARD magazine Panorama, NDR Kultur, NDR Info and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. For his radio feature “Der letzte Tag. The Hanau Attack”, he was awarded the Catholic Media Prize.

The Hannah Arendt Days

The HANNAH ARENDT DAYS, which have been held in Hanover since 1998, commemorate the important daughter of the state capital, who was born in Linden on October 14, 1906. A series of events on a current topic with political and social issues is held annually around the birthday of the German-American political theorist. The HANNAH ARENDT DAYS are an event organized by the City of Hanover, the Mayor’s Office and the Science City of Hanover in cooperation with Villa Seligmann.

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