International Children’s and Youth Choir Festival Hanover

Lunch concert

Bat-Kol Girls’ Choir & Juventis Youth Choir Celle


On May 10, a lunch concert will take place at the Villa Seligmann as part of the 1st International Children’s and Youth Choir Festival Hanover with the participation of the Bat-Kol Girls’ Choir from Israel and the Juventis Youth Choir Celle.

“How wonderful that this bridge can be built! A sign of hope for the future, in which – perhaps next year or the year after – we will be able to welcome Bat-Kol Girls’ Choir to Hanover after all.” – said Hans-Martin Heinemann (overall festival director) and Jan Hellwig (curator) about the special circumstances of this lunch concert:

The Israeli government’s refusal at short notice to grant all youth organizations permission to leave the country made us very depressed and sad just before the start of the festival. Bat-Kol Girls Choir cannot come to the festival. Instead, there will be a video bridge from the Villa Seligmann to Israel at the announced time: From there a musical greeting to Hanover, from here a connection to the young singers. With two excerpts from their latest video production and a live interview with Anat Morahg, the choir director, this lunch concert will be a special experience during the festival days!”

The Juventis Youth Choir Celle, with whom the Bat-Kol Girls Choir was originally scheduled to perform together, will be performing at the Villa Seligmann.

“We are grateful to Villa Seligmann and its director Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck for inviting us and the people of the city to this event,” – said Hans-Martin Heinemann and Jan Hellwig.

Admission is free. No registration is required. Admission is open from 1.30 pm.

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Villa Seligmann kindly points out that photos and videos will be taken during this event, which will be published on our website and/or social media channels and used for press relations. By participating, visitors declare their consent to this.