Everything was completely normal for us

Reading with Ruth Frenk

On the occasion of the commemoration day of the National Socialist book burning in Hanover on May 10, 1933

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Reservation (free of charge) – Free choice of seats



To commemorate the National Socialist book burning in Hanover on May 10, 1933, the singer and author Ruth Frenk will read an excerpt from her memoirs at Villa Seligmann.

“Everything was completely normal for us”

In her memoirs, Ruth Frenk has written something from her soul that is absolutely worth reading: a piece of Dutch-German-Jewish history and contemporary history.

The singer and singing teacher was born in Rotterdam in 1946 as the daughter of Dutch-Jewish Bergen-Belsen survivors. She has lived in Amsterdam, Geneva, New York and, since 1974, in Constance on Lake Constance in Germany. She actually wanted to become an opera singer, then became known for Jewish songs and as a singing teacher with her own singing class, was on the board of the Federal Association of German Singing Teachers for seven years and has been chairwoman of the German-Israeli Society of the Lake Constance region for 30 years.

Ruth Frenk is a prime example of the commitment and public impact of the second generation of Shoah survivors. With her memories, she hopes: “to give others the courage to find their center even with a difficult start and to manage their lives from there”:

“Soon there will be no more survivors, and even the second generation is slowly disappearing,” says Ruth Frenk: “I doubt whether Jewish life in Europe has a future. I also doubt whether anti-Semitism will ever die out or whether it can be successfully combated. Despite everything, I am happy with my decision to stay in Germany. I feel surrounded by many young, talented and lovely people.”

Admission is free. Please register at anmeldung@villa-seligmann.de.

We kindly point out that photos and videos will be taken during this event, which will be published on our website and/or social media channels and used for press work. By participating, visitors to this event agree to this.

The reading with Ruth Frenk takes place in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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