Limmud Festival Germany

Jewish Learning Festival

For the first time at Villa Seligmann


Villa Seligmann opens its doors for the Festival and becomes a center of Jewish culture in Germany

The festival creates spaces for the entire diversity of Judaism with all the topics that interest Jews: History, music, religion, tradition, politics, society, literature, art and much more. Jews between the ages of 0 and 120 ūüôā and of all religious and political persuasions meet here to learn, discuss and celebrate together.

At Limmud, participants decide for themselves what they want to learn or teach and treat each other with respect despite their differences. They don’t see the different languages they speak as something that divides them.

Limmud was founded in the UK in the early 1980s and has been the success story of Jewish learning worldwide ever since. The festival is part of a global network of Limmud teams around the world. Limmud is created when volunteers come together to create such spaces. Both the volunteers and the participants are Limmudniks who are committed to the values and principles that Limmud has adopted.

Conditions of participation and registration