OMER KLEIN TRIO – Radio Mediteran

Garden concert at Villa Seligmann

This event is in the past. You can no longer purchase this.


Omer Klein,piano, percussion
Amir Bresler,drums, percussion

With a declaration of love to the Mediterranean – full of longing and yet close enough to touch – we invite you to an unforgettable summer evening with the Omer Klein Trio and present an outdoor jazz concert for the first time.

The rousing songs on “Radio Mediteran”, all composed by Omer Klein, cover a wide range of styles, from modern jazz piano playing to Balkan influences, Jewish and Arabic folk music. The songs revolve around the Mediterranean. “My band and I have a very personal connection to this sea: we all grew up near it,” – says Omer Klein. He studied its history, reflected on his own memories, explored the cultural connections and mixtures and listened to the music of this region again and again. “Radio Mediteran” is like a broad embrace that breaks down fears of contact and opens borders with new sounds and radiant optimism.

Jazz pianist Omer Klein and his band colleagues, also from Israel, are among the most accomplished and curious jazz musicians of our time. With the vision of overcoming stylistic boundaries, he meets his audience with a daring jazz that is far from elitist in its approach.

Tickets for 25 euros with free seating in the open air can be pre-ordered now.

Alternative date in case of bad weather: Thursday, July 1, 7 p.m.

With the kind support of:

1700 years of Jewish life in Germany

Supported by #2021JLID – Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland e.V. with funds from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.