Liturgical music from around the world

Concert and salon talk for the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah

Sveta Kundish and Regalim Kapelye

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+++ postponed from September 13, 2020 +++

Cantor Sveta Kundish, soprano
Patrick Farrell, accordion
Shingo Ali Masuda, Kanun
Peter Kunsch, percussion

For more than 2000 years, Jews have lived in many countries around the world, where they have formed communities with their own languages, customs and liturgies in the process of acculturation. The longing for Jerusalem plays a central role in the diaspora. This has resulted in an incredibly rich and varied heritage of liturgical chants (piyyutim) and prayers to this day.

On her second visit to the Villa Seligmann, cantor Sveta Kundish and the Regalim Kapelye give a taste of musical treasures. With different musical styles and traditions, for example from Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East and Morocco, she presents the richness of Jewish liturgical music full of virtuosity, soul and joy.

Large hall 26 Euro (reduced 16 Euro)
Salon 18 Euro (reduced 8 Euro)

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