Song recital “ÜberLeben”

Song recital with Juliette Schindewolf (mezzo-soprano) and Gerd-Müller Lorenz (piano) with works by Gustav Mahler, Alma Mahler-Werfel and others.

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Juliette Schindewolf, mezzo-soprano
Gerd Müller-Lorenz, piano

Man is born to live! But what does life mean? Surely our existence is based on hope and confidence: hope for improvement, for a solution, for the good to prevail in the end, perhaps even for a kind of paradise, whether in our lifetime or in another world that is still unknown here and now. Artists have always been inspired by such questions of life. In other words, without these questions there would probably be no art!

For many people, on the contrary, life means constant fear: fear of the future, fear of existence, fear of death. Especially where the value of life no longer plays a role, where uniqueness and uniqueness are ignored and where it is all about survival.

Poetry and music, sublimated by the most personal life experiences, come together to form complete works of art, opening up new dimensions, capable of touching, shaking up and uplifting. Personal hardship, distress and the struggle for survival can also be expressed. In the process, humor always proves to be an excellent means of relief and alleviation, as it is applied in some of the songs of this evening and looks at life with its very own means.

Every song, every composer, every poet tells and inspires in an individual way – About Life!

The program includes songs by Gustav Mahler(Des Knaben Wunderhorn), Alma M. Mahler-Werfel, Paul Hindemith, Hanns Eisler (Vier Wiegenlieder für Arbeitermütter), Arnold Schönberg (Brettl Lieder) and Kurt Weill.


Tickets for 20 / 18 (reduced 8) euros with limited seating are available in our webshop, by telephone on 0511-844887-200 or by email to

Admission is from 30 minutes from the start of the event.