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Concerto Foscari

Lecture and chamber concert

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Maximilian de Molière (Introduction)
Franciska Anna Hajdu (violin)
Mauro Colantonio (viola da gamba and flute)
Susanne Herre (viola da gamba and theorbo)
Alon Sariel (lute and mandolin)

In the mid-17th century, the small residential town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg caused an uproar in the European scholarly world. With the publication of his compendium of writings “Kabbalah Denudata”, the poet and historian Christian Knorr von Rosenroth aims to prove that Kabbalah and Christian teachings are of the same origin.
With this musical search for traces, Concerto Foscari embarks on a journey through time to the places of origin of the authors of this compendium and plays music from Spain to Great Britain and Galilee.

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Seating: Markuskirche
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