Alfred Rose

Creator of synagogue songs in Hanover

A search for clues with musical examples

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Dr. Peter Schulze, lecture and presentation
North German Synagogal Choir, singing

Alfred Rose (1855-1919) worked for the Jewish community of Hanover for 36 years, from 1883. As director of the synagogue choir and composer, he was involved in the organization of the services. At the same time, he made a name for himself as a music teacher and publisher of the widely used Bisping-Rose piano school. In his lecture and with selected visual and audio material, Hanover historian Dr. Peter Schulze sheds light on the life and work of Alfred Rose.

Dr. Peter Schulze (1952) completed his studies in social sciences and history in Hanover. With his research, publications and exhibitions on Hanoverian city history and the history of the Jews in Hanover, he is one of the most important experts in the field.

The North German Synagogal Choir will be responsible for the musical side of the performance.

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