Searching for traces: Liebermann and Seligmann

Joint event of the Villa Seligmann and the Landesmuseum Hannover

This event is in the past. You can no longer purchase this.


Dr. Thomas Andratschke, Lecture
Aurel Dawidiuk, organ

The SPURENSUCHE series focuses on the former family residence of the Jewish factory director Siegmund Seligmann with themed guided tours. Renowned experts shed light on the building from a socio-political perspective. The personal traces of its inhabitants and owners are also uncovered and interpreted in a historical context using current findings.

The event here refers to the large-format portrait of Siegmund Seligmann from 1910, which is located in the Villa Seligmann and is a work by Max Liebermann. Visitors can admire this original work as part of the house tour and learn about its exciting history.

In a lecture, Dr. Thomas Andratschke sheds light onart historian and curator of the Landesmuseum Hannover, describes the Jewish artist Max Liebermann as a representative of the two most modern art movements of the 19th century: Realism and Impressionism. Liebermann’s personal theory of art is summed up in a famous statement from 1916: “A well-painted turnip is just as good as a well-painted Madonna.” In 1933, the Berliner is said to have commented on the National Socialists’ victory torchlight procession with the following winged words: “I can’t eat as much as I want to vomit.” Would Liebermann have said this if he himself had not been Jewish? He certainly doesn’t seem to have been a specifically Jewish artist, or was he?

Dr. Andratschke’s lecture will be accompanied by the Villa Seligmann’s own synagogue organ, masterfully played by the young organist and pianist
Aurel Dawidiuk
. The concert program includes works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Louis Lewandowski.

After the lecture, our guests will have the opportunity to visit the house and the traveling exhibition PASSED! AND THEN? to visit. The director of Villa Seligmann, Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck, will provide insights behind the scenes and background information.

Admission 18 euros (reduced 8 euros)
House tour with limited seating.
Admission is from 30 minutes before the start of the event.

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