The Golden Psalter

Concerto Foscari

St. Mark’s Church Hanover


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+++ postponed from July 2, 2020 +++

Franciska Anna Hajdu (violin)
Mauro Colantonio (viola da gamba and Renaissance flute)
Susanne Herre (viola da gamba and theorbo)
Lea Rahel Bader (viola da gamba)
Valentina Bellanova (Nay and recorder)
Peter Kuhnsch (percussion)
Sara Johnson Huidobro (organ)
Alon Sariel (historical plucked instruments)

This concert is a journey through the Golden Age of the Netherlands to the Ottoman Empire, but also to Lower Saxony. In the 17th century, the Netherlands experienced a period of prosperity, which brought about an economic boom as well as a cultural and political opening and brought the country immeasurable wealth. At the same time in Lower Saxony, the Flemish theologian and reformer Petrus Dathenus edits and publishes the Psalms of David in Lower Saxon.
Find out what the Jewish composer Leonora Duarte from Antwerp and a Polish musician abducted to Constantinople have to do with this exciting chapter in music history. This concert will be the first time that Leonora Duarte’s music will be heard in Hanover.

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The concert is part of the “Foscari” subscription series.

Seating: Markuskirche
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