Fates of Jewish collectors and artists

Search for traces

Focus on provenance research

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Dr. Claudia Andratschke, Lecture

Ofer Stolarov, piano
Hektor Palmer Nordfors, baritone

How are cultural assets actually collected and acquired? How do they end up in museum collections? Provenance research seeks to find answers by examining the contexts of changes of ownership and ownership changes of art and cultural objects of all kinds. A particular focus here is the identification of cultural property that was seized from its former Jewish owners after 1933 as a result of Nazi persecution – with the aim of revealing unlawful ownership and finding a fair solution with the heirs.

In this joint event organized by the Villa Seligmann and the Landesmuseum Hannover, Dr. Claudia Andratschke provides an insight into the art history collection of the Landesmuseum Hannover based on selected research and sheds light on the fates of the Jewish artists, patrons and collectors associated with the artworks presented.

Guests can look forward to a musical performance by the Israeli pianist Ofer Stolarov and the Swedish baritone Hektor Palmer Nordfors, who will revive music from Max Liebermann’s time.

With this event, the Landesmuseum Hannover and the Villa Seligmann are commemorating the deportation of 1001 Hanoverian Jews to the Riga ghetto.

Admission 18 euros (reduced 8 euros)

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