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The Siegmund Seligmann Society

The Sieg­mund Selig­mann Socie­ty is a regis­tered asso­cia­ti­on with the non­pro­fit pur­po­se of pro­mo­ting sci­ence and cul­tu­re, edu­ca­ti­on and reli­gi­on and inter­na­tio­nal under­stan­ding in the field of Jewish sacral music, in accordance with the aims of the Sieg­mund Selig­mann Foundation. 

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The Board

Robert Cho­le­wa, Pre­si­dent of the Manage­ment Small Firm Sec­tor of Com­merz­bank AG, retd.

Wil­helm Zel­ler, Pre­si­dent of the Board of Direc­tors of Han­no­ver Re-Insuran­ce AG retd.

Micha­el Wieck, lawy­er and nota­ry public, Wieck & Hoel­scher Law Office

Anne Rem­mers, Seni­or Coun­cil­lor, Office of the Prime Minis­ter of Lower Saxony

1700 Jahre Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland
1700 Jahre Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland

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