European Cantors Convention 2023

The European Cantors Association (ECA) welcomes leading Jewish cantors from around the world to its 15th conference at Villa Seligmann.


15th European Cantors’ Conference in Hannover


The conference of the
European Cantors Association (ECA)
is a meeting for all who love the music of Jewish prayer. For 15 years now, the Cantors’ Conference has been held in a European city. Last year, the ECA conference was held in Budapest and was even nominated for the Hungarian Tourist Event of the Year Award. This year, leading cantors from around the world are expected at Villa Seligmann:

Benny Rogosnitzky (New York)
Beny Maissner (Toronto)
Pavel Roytman (Chicago)
Matt Austerklein (Akron)
Sveta Kundish (Berlin)

The theme of this year’s conference is “Togetherness”. Participants can look forward to a varied program of musical highlights, lectures, panel discussions, choral workshops, master classes and special evening events. There will be opportunities to sing, actively participate in the program and network.

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The language of the conference is English.

The European Cantors Association (ECA) is an independent organization founded in 2012 in the United Kingdom. The ECA is a framework for cantors, prayer leaders, and interested laypersons from across the spectrum of Jewish G’worship to engage in dialogue, training, and profiling to ensure that the beautiful and unique music of Jewish prayer enriches the synagogue G’worship services of future generations.

ECA organizes cantor conferences throughout Europe, the Zoom series “The Voice of the Cantor (VOC),” and international conferences on the music of Jewish prayer in partnership with universities around the world.


In cooperation with the Landesverband der Jüdischen Gemeinden von Niedersachsen:

State Association of Jewish Communities of Lower Saxony K.d.ö.R.