Circle of Friends

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Circle of Friends

Ladies and Gentlemen!

If you have a look at next year’s pro­gram you will noti­ce immedia­te­ly that Eliah Saka­kus­hev-von Bis­mark had gre­at suc­cess with put­ting tog­e­ther the com­ming, very varied and high-qua­li­ty pro­gram. Again he ful­fill­ls to the hig­hest stan­dards the claim of the Vil­la Selig­mann to be a uni­que jewel in the cul­tu­ral land­s­cape of our sta­te capi­tal of Hannover.

The Friends of the Vil­la Selig­mann will also in future sup­port the work done in this house as well as they can and hope that they will recei­ve wider sup­port by the “fans” of this institution.

With kin­dest regards,


Dr. Franz Rai­ner Enste


The Board

Dr. Franz Rai­ner Ens­te – chairman

Dr. Hans-Joa­chim Fich­te – asst. chairman

Hol­ger Bod­mann – asst. chairman

Dr. Wolf-Rue­di­ger Rei­ni­cke – asst. chairman

Moni­ka Doe­ring-Brucks – asst chairwoman


Circle of Friends of the Villa Seligmann


The mem­bers of the spon­so­ring asso­cia­ti­on “Friends of the Vil­la Selig­mann” are valul­ab­le sup­por­ters of the work done at the Vil­la Selig­mann. They feel clo­se­ly asso­cia­ted with the house which they con­si­der to be a uni­que jewel in the cul­tu­ral land­s­cape of Han­no­ver. It is offe­ring high-class con­cert events and con­veys the beau­ty and the wealth of the abundant tre­a­su­re of Jewish-Ger­man cul­tu­re. The Friends actively help with all con­certs in the Vil­la and with major events out­side.  The con­tri­bu­ti­ons of the mem­bers of our asso­cia­ti­on regu­lar­ly faci­li­ta­te cer­tain extra­or­di­na­ry events or publi­ca­ti­ons which other­wi­se could never be rea­li­zed from nor­mal funds. This is also rewar­ded by spe­cial con­certs or other events for selec­ted peop­le to which the Friends of the Vil­la Selig­mann are invi­ted to.

Are you interested?

You could beco­me a mem­ber of the “Friends of the Vil­la Seligmann”.

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1700 Jahre Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland
1700 Jahre Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland

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